Highway W access changes during construction lauded by Wheatland officials

The access to Highway W-south from Highway 50 has been barricaded.

A change — and another possible one — made to access to Highway W from Highway 50 while the former undergoes a rebuild were lauded by some Wheatland officials Monday night.

But nevertheless the town’s fire chief is anxious to see the work at the accesses complete and a normal traffic flow restored.

The blocking of the access to Highway W-south from Highway 50 was blocked earlier this week while work continues on Highway 50 in the area. Until that move, traffic on westbound 50 was able to make a tricky left turn there and Highway W traffic was able to access westbound Highway 50 as well.

The area is now barricaded not allowing those turns.

“I think honestly, that’s a good idea,’ fire Chief Alan Kaddatz said at Monday’s Town Board meeting.

That has required some planning by the fire department in case a call is received in that area, Kaddatz said.

“They just can’t get it back quick enough …” Kaddatz said.

Town Chairman Bill Glembocki added that it was his understanding that the state Department of Transportation may also opt to close the Highway 50 crossover at Highway 50-north. A fatal crash occured there two weekends ago when a car making a left turn collided witha westbound vehicle on Highway 50.

Glembocki, who also is a town firefighter, said he would prefer to see both accesses closed while the Highway 50 work is ongoing.

Also, in answer to an audience member’s question, Kaddatz said parking of construction equipment just east of the Highway 50-Highway W-south access is with the department’s permission.

The area is a fire lane used in the past to draw water from the Fox River. However, the department no longer uses that access, Kaddatz explained.

“We don’t use water from the river if at all possible,” Kaddatz said.

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