New Regulations for Electronic Waste

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Tired of your old console television?

What about that giant fax machine that stopped working?

Or that 1995 desktop computer with the not so flat screen?

While it might seem tempting to toss those items to the curb with your weekly trash, Andy Rechenmacher, General Manager of Veolia Environmental Services, says not so fast.

According to Rechenmacher, who spoke to the Randall Town Board Monday night, as of September 1, new governmental regulations prohibit landfills from accepting any electronic waste with a monitor seven inches or larger.

“We have to charge a fee to pick up or dispose these items from now on,” he said, “Fortunately, Veolia services now has a drop off site for these things at their location in Kenosha, and there is different pricing for that.”

The new electronic waste disposal requirements as well as drop off points, are available on the Department of Natural Resources website, and include detailed instructions on recycling through the statewide program, E-Cycle Wisconsin.

The law establishes requirements for manufacturers, recyclers and collectors to ensure that recycling is done in an environmentally sound manner. There are also requirements for electronics retailers and local governmental units. While not considered hazardous, the waste is classified as special, regarding the manner it must be disposed.

“All manufacturers of electronic waste must have recycling programs for the products they create and must take back their brands,” Rechenmacher explained. “There are some big box electronic stores that do have recycling programs where they will offer trade-ins. So people can look into those means if they want to find a way to recycle for free.”

The law affects all consumers, schools, manufacturers, collectors, recyclers, retailers, and local governments. For more information about E-Cycle Wisconsin, contact:

Veolia Environmental Services will begin charging for disposal of e-waste on October 1. Unwanted electronics are accepted at Veolia Material Recovery, 5421-46th Street, Kenosha. 262-679-0860


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