Underage drinking town hall meeting coverage

A banner displayed at the meeting.

A program designed to combat the problem of underage drinking in Kenosha County hosted a town hall meeting Wednesday night at Central High School.

Panelists from local law enforcement, a Kenosha hospital, the medical examiner’s office and an insurance agency offered their unique perspective on the problem of curbing underage drinking. The event was sponsored by Stand Tall Against Alcohol.

The most agreed upon insight, especially among the law enforcement contingent? Parents disapproval is the biggest deterrent to underage drinking. The hang-up with that? Many parents don’t see a little underage drinking as that bad.

Steve Fredriksson, SPF process director for the Stand Tall Against Alcohol project of the Concerned Citizens Coalition, used some personal insights and history to summarize the problem:

Here are some highlights of what the other panelists had to say — a mix of war stories, advice, surprising insights, troubling stats and some frustration:

John DeMario, a Kenosha police officer, also participated on the panel.


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