Wheatland Center School to pursue breakfast program

Photo by Steve Zazeski via stock.xchng

Breakfast may be coming to Wheatland Center School, perhaps as early as the second semester of the current school year.

District administrator Jason Tadlock proposed the idea to the School Board at its regular meeting Tuesday night.

Informal comments from the board during the discussion were favorable.

Tadlock said school breakfast can have nutritional — and consequently educational — benefits.

“I think the school breakfast program can help ensure kids get at least two squares …,” Tadlock said.

Said board member Timothy Driscoll “If you get a good breakfast, you function better.”

Tadlock said a breakfast program typically does not require as much staff as serving lunch. He added that he would probably recommend a “grab and go” type breakfast, in which students would be given a meal that could be eaten in the cafeteria or carried to another part of the school.

Some grant funding might be available to help cover costs. Most schools that have breakfast programs do not lose money on them, Tadlock said.

Tadlock said his goal would be to have the program ready to go by second semester.


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  1. Wheatland Ctr School Taxpayer says:

    Wonder who is going to pay for this? I’m NOT voting yes to any more referendums because the school has ANOTHER financial shortfall. Lot of families feel the same. We just can’t afford it any more.

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