Randall to place speed bump on 402nd Avenue

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Randall will be placing a set of seasonal speed bumps on 402nd Avenue after a resident there demonstrated that most of her neighbors favored the move.

The bump will be placed in the 9300 block of 402nd Avenue. The person who gathered signatures of neighbors favoring the bump placement also volunteered to have the bump placed in front of her house.

Supervisor Mike Halvorsen said the town’s Public Works Committee decided to ask people who wanted speed bumps placed to poll their neighbors. This was the first time the procedure was used.

“I personally don’t have a problem with speed bumps,” Halvorsen said.

Earlier placement of a speed bump on 401st Avenue may have funneled some additional traffic down 402nd Avenue.

The bumps are removed for winter to facilitate snow plowing. Given that it is September already, the board voted to install the 402nd Avenue bump starting next spring.



  1. jeff scanlan says:

    Hey Mike if you like them so much put one in front of your house. Jeff Scanlan

  2. Jeff S. says:

    F.Y.I. Retired after 28 yrs Lake County Public Works. Live in Randal not Twin Lakes.

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