Allied Plastics seeking land donation from Twin Lakes to expand

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Allied Plastics of Twin Lakes is looking for a donation of village-owned land to expand its operation to handle an eight-year contract it recently won from a major tractor builder to make canopies.

The proposal was discussed at the Village Board’s committee of the whole meeting Tuesday night.

The company would like the parcel of village owned land just to the north of its current plant on Holy Hill Road to build a 30,000 square foot building to handle the new work from Case-New Holland, said Tim Neal, one of Allied’s owners.

Village President Howard Skinner voiced strong support of the land donation.

“It’s a no brainer,” Skinner said, adding that the property is currently generating no property tax, but would start if it were passed to Allied. Village administrator David Cox estimated the parcel would generate about $5,000 a year in tax revenue.

But other board members were not so sure.

“I wish you had offered us something,” said Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald. He challenged the view that the property is essential “worthless” because it is not generating tax revenue because it is valuable and in effect owned by all village taxpayers.

Neal pointed out that other municipalities would likely be willing to give Allied enough property for free for an entire new plant, in which case the company would move out of Twin Lakes.

“We’ve got options,” Neal said. “We can move.”

Cox suggested, and the board agreed, to have further negotiations with Allied to see if the concerns could be addressed by the next board meeting in Twin Lakes.

If the village were to require a purchase, Neal said his company might be interested in acquiring more village land in case of further expansion if the price is right.


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