Randall Town Board rejects request for refund of garbage fees

A Randall property owner’s request for a refund of garbage and recycling fees for four year on a property that has only a boathouse was rejected by the Town Board.

Jack Goodman told the Town Board Thursday that his property has been billed for garbage and recycling fees for 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, despite that the only structure on his lot is an old boathouse. He is a Lake Geneva resident.

For the 2006 tax bill, the charges were removed by town office staff. Goodman was seeking the refund of the fees paid for 2002-05 — a total of $514.

“When you pay $7,500 (in taxes) for a vacant lot, you don’t like to pay for garbage service you don’t get,” Goodman said. Town Clerk Phyllis Kaskin confirmed that the town’s waste hauler does not include Goodman’s property on its route.

Supervisor Robert Gehring, a farmer, said that it is not unknown for agriculture parcels with no structures to pay fees such as for garbage, even if they have no residences.

“I don’t see how we could grant an exception without revisiting the whole thing,” Gehring said.

Chairman Bob Stoll said it was not clear town staff had the authority to remove the fee starting with the 2006 bill.

Ultimately, the board voted unanimously to reject Goodman’s request. However, Stoll said the town also would not seek to reinstate the fee for Goodman’s property.


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