Randall Fire Department 25th Anniversary celebration coverage

The Randall Fire Department celebrated its 25th anniversary with an open house today at Station Number 2 at Highways KD and F.

A variety of activities and demonstrations awaited those attending including fire equipment, a smoke house,  kids games, food, music, Flight for Life and demonstations illustrating the advantages of sprinklers and how firefighters free people trapped in cars crunched in crashes.

Here is a video that shows the sprinkle system demonstration using side by side fire in simulated room settings — the first without sprinklers and the second with. The difference was dramatic (Note: There’s some glare on my camcorder lens, but the video of the fires is still good):

Here’s some video of various other scenes from this afternoon:

If you’re reading this before 8 p.m., the fun may still be going on. Check it out!


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