Wheatland Center approves $15,000 in building improvements

The Wheatland Center School Board on Monday approved spending as much as $15,000 for some minor building improvements.

The work includes:

  • The “refreshing” of two library storage rooms so they can be used for students as part of the consolidation of two libraries. Those rooms will be painted, have carpeting replaced and a drop ceiling installed.
  • Carpet in two classrooms in which the carpet now bulges under certain conditions.
  • Window air conditioners for 18 rooms.

District administrator Jason Tadlock said the window air conditioners, at $300 a piece, are an alternative to an earlier plan to gradually put in larger units, which are in some rooms already, at a cost of $14,000 per unit. That means all of the window units could be replaced for the cost of about half of one of the larger units, he pointed out.

Tadlock said he felt the window air conditioners were reasonable for the about three months that cooling is needed.

None of the money for the improvements is coming from money saved by recent staff reductions, Tadlock said. Staff reductions savings are being used to reduce district debt. The improvements money has been shifted from other funds where it was not expended.

Tadlock would also like to have some electrical outlets changed, but that money is not included in the $15,000.


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