Salem to host open houses on incorporation exploration referendum

Salem will host two open house meetings designed to educate voters before the Sept. 14 referendum asking whether the town should further explore incorporating as a village.

The meetings will take place from 4 to 8 p.m., on Aug. 26 and Sept. 8, at Town Hall, 9814 Antioch Road (Highway 83).

The meetings will include some props for explanation and officials will field the questions they can answer and record other questions to see about finding answers, said Chairman Linda Valentine.

The town also has prepared two informational documents regarding the referendum:

A flyer.

A data sheet.



  1. UnknownFarmer says:

    So Much for Linda Valetine and her flyer that was sent around prior to her Election. Oh and I want to keep our Hamlets in place like Wilmot and Trevor. You go to Villiage status and you can say good bye to that!!!

    You can also say Hello to higher taxes. Your Mill rate per thousand on your property taxes will go up Paddock Lakes I belive it is $7.63 /1000 dollars versus what you have today of $2.67 cents / 1000.

    This will make Doc Smith or Doc Slander pretty happy. Hmm where is his Blog Flapping now or Mr Jim Cross.

    I hope my numbers are correct above. I will be crucified if they are not….

    Anybody hear if the Valentines are going to pay out of pocket for the Lawsuit the town is under for Harrasment of the Town Clerk? Why should the Town People of Salem pay for this and all the Lawyer fees? 50,000 is a lot of tax payer’s dollars… Maybe Linda’s supporters can have a car wash to donate money for the cause…. Or maybe Doc Smith can sell a chunk of land and he can donate it to the town for the 50+ k

  2. Dr. Brad Smith says:


    “UNKNOWN FARMER” obviously is not on MSB, nor is he or she on my various
    e-mail lists. Otherwise he or she would realize that Dr. Cross and I are opposed to village status for Salem; and are, in fact, preparing a large mailing to local residents opposing incorporation.

    Insofar as this anonymous poster’s missives on WestOfTheI are concerned, I have never responded to his or her’s postings because I just don’t respond to anonymous posters. If a person doesn’t have the courage of their convictions to sign their real name, then I can hardly respect what they have to offer. Especially if they are “flaming”.

    However, if any of you on MSB know who “Unknown Farmer” really is, then please let him or her know that on the matter of incorporation we are, for a change, more in agreement than not.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Brad Smith

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