Word from our sponsors: Reliable says flood water may damage heating and cooling units

The experts at Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning — a westofthei.com sponsor — offer the following advice regarding flooding and home heating and cooling systems:

If there is any question whether flood waters have reached your furnace, central air conditioning system, heat pump, boiler or water heater, have your unit checked by a qualified contractor like those at Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning. In fact, in the interest of safety, any inspection or replacement work on flooded equipment should be performed by heating and cooling contractors, not by homeowners. This will ensure that work is performed correctly and according to applicable codes.

Heating and cooling equipment can be damaged extensively by standing water and may put your family at risk. The amount of damage will depend greatly on the depth of flooding and the amount of time the equipment remains under water. It is important to note that once any equipment or system control has been submerged it presents a potential of fire. Even if equipment has been cleaned of debris and mud and seems to be working properly, parts may later corrode or malfunction and consequently, the equipment should not be used after waters recede.

Because so many things can go wrong as a result of flood water, make certain your equipment is inspected by a professional, licensed contractor. Another important fact is that many manufacturer warranties will be null and void when exposed to flood water. In most cases, replacment of the equipment is necessary and in addition the most cost effective.

Call Reliable today at 843-2865 for a free, no obligation estimate on replacing equipment damaged by recent flooding.


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