Salute to Powers Lake’s Jim Brady flown over lake

Friends of Jim and Maggie Brady from the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team did the Missing Man Salute for Jim on July 25.

Jim Brady, well known in the air show community and a long-time Powers Lake resident, died from cancer in January.

Maggie explained that the aerobatic team had been performing at an air show in Peoria, and were flying to Oshkosh. Maggie knew the approximate time of the group’s  arrival in Powers Lake. “A number of friends sent out mass emails to as many residents as possible,” Maggie said. ” There were quite a few boats on the lake and people on the shore. That alone was quite a tribute to Jim.”

Here are photos of the salute from Brady family friend and neighbor Russ Talbott and his explanation of the parts of the maneuver as well.

This group of old War Birds flying together is heading for Oshkosh and the annual EAA Fly In. The four T-6's (white and red) will Loop ahead for the Salute. /Russ Talbott photo

After making a circle of Powers Lake where Jim Brady lived, the four of them came from the South, turning their Smoke Trails on Heading North. /Russ Talbott photo

The Plane in Left Wing formation (on the West Side) breaks off symbolizing a Wing Man is Going West and that spot remains open in his honor. It is said in the Aviation Community, when someone passes away they have Gone West. /Russ Talbott photo

The man Going West cuts his smoke trails and flies off. /Russ Talbott

Brady was added to the EAA Memorial Wall at Oshkosh Sunday. Here is his page from the EAA Memorial Wall Book.


One Comment

  1. Cousin Patsy says:

    Dear Maggie~
    I was not there to witness the salute to your late
    soulmate and beloved husband,Jim. He was obviously
    loved by many and most importantly,had you as his
    I am always happy to read anything wonderful about
    you and Jim. You both are a testament to what the
    human spirit can accomplish.Also~ both of you are
    positive forces in this world.
    Even though Jim is gone~ his goodness, camaraderie,
    and love of life will always be here.
    Cousin Patsy in California

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