Permit amendment stumbling block in Paris-Dragaway talks

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The status of a amendment to a conditional use permit addressing many of the town’s concerns appears to have developed as an obstacle in negotiations between the Great Lakes Dragaway and Paris town officials.

The town and dragaway are conducting the negotiations as a a way to avoid the town having to pass a strict noise and light ordinance. The two are attempting to negotiate an agreement that will address how the dragaway will handle some aspects that prompt complaints from citizens, such as noise, light coming from the site and late operating hours.

Nick Infusino, a lawyer representing the dragaway, said at Tuesday’s Town Board meeting that he has been meeting with town attorney Jon Knuteson, but that status of the amendment, which were signed in 1994, apparently as part of the issuing of a conditional use permit, is unresolved. A top county planning official who might be able to clarify the document’s status was unavailable this week. Infusino said he will check back with him next week.

The amendment (view here) addresses the concerns that people traditionally have had about the dragaway, calling for plans to be in place for dealing with noise and light  by 1995.

By their comments, town officials appear to be growing anxious with the length of time the negotiation is taking.

“We have to get serious and get something done,” said Chairman Virgil Gentz. “I think this has been going on for  along time.”

As a way to break the apparent stalemate, Gentz suggested involving a representative of the board and track ownership in the talks along with the attorneys.


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