Silver Lake looking at demolishing rescue storage building and some sidewalks

Silver Lake's insurance carrier is concerned this storage building on the rescue squad property could damage a nearby residence if it fell or burned down.

The Silver Lake Village Board is considering replacing distressed sidewalks like these on Park Street with grass.

After a recent inspection by the village’s liability insurance carrier, Silver Lake is considering demolishing a storage building on the rescue squad property and some out of repair sidewalks in town, rather than pay to replace them.

The insurance company recently identified the storage building and the sidewalks on East and West Lake Street and in the 300 block of North Street as areas in need of repair in written communication sent to the district. Village officials agreed that Park Street walks were just as bad if not worse.

Village President Roger Johnson was emphatic that most of the sidewalks not be replaced due to cost. Instead, he suggested taking out the concrete and replacing with dirt and grass where practical.

“There aren’t going to be any new sidewalks in the village, I guarantee that,” Johnson said.

Johnson also deemed the building, which is used for fire department storage though it is on the rescue squad property, as beyond repair. The land the building sits on is owned by the village and leased to the rescue squad for $1 per year.

“We’ve got to do something with that old building … and do it soon,” Johnson said.

The fire department uses the building for storage of items such as dive team equipment and extra hose, said Trustee Richard Maron, who is a member of the department.

The board did not act on sidewalks or the building, though it is expected to again review options regarding each issue.


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