Bristol to seek bids for new entrance signs

It used to be the town of Bristol.

Then it was the village of Bristol and the town of Bristol.

With Bristol’s corporate identity united again as a village, the Village Board is considering redoing signs along roadways that enter the village to reflect the new identity.

The village has one proposal in hand already for 20 redwood signs at a cost of $750 a piece of a total of $15,000.

With some trustees seeming to balk at that cost, the board voted to have village administrator Randy Kerkman seek additional bids including proposals for metal signs as well as wood.

“I would like to get a couple of more bids for this,” said Trustee Carolyn Owens.

Trustee Ruth Atwood asked that the bidders come to a future meeting to answer questions about their proposal as well as bring some samples.

“This is a lot of money,” Atwood said, referring to the $15,000 proposal.


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