Resignation of clerk/treasurer on agenda of Paris Town Board meeting

The agenda for the next regular monthly meeting of the Paris Town Board has been posted.

Included on the agenda is an item for the formal acceptance of the resignation of town Clerk/Treasurer Beth Frederick. She was appointed to fill the position after former Clerk/Treasurer Linda Terry resigned in February to take a job with another municipality. Recently, the board had been considering ways to increase Frederick’s pay for additional duties they felt she was performing.

The meeting also will include an update on talks between the town and the operators of the Great Lakes Dragaway. The town has been attempting to negotiate an agreement with the track to regulate aspects such as noise and lighting that some nearby residents have been complaining about.

The meeting will take place Tuesday, July, 27 (changed to correct date–DH), at 7 p.m., at the Public Safety Building.

A copy of the full agenda is available here.



  1. Klaus Dierks says:

    Please be Advised that the Paris Town Board will Meet July27th not August 27th
    Thank you!
    Klaus Dierks

  2. Pam Luebke says:

    What a loss we here at PARIS are going to experience with Beth gone. She kept that place going like a welled oiled machine. Its really ashame we can’t get our town board to be as diligent as she is. They keep passing on most of the repsonsibilities to Beth expecting her to get stuff done in the 20 hours they allot her. How is that possible? Last month they said to hire someone to work with her, but then they want her to set it up to do the interviews, set up the criteria to meet and still perform her regular duties, HOW is that possible? Why don’t they just let her hire someone, try it out and use them as a “temp” then turn them into a regular worker? I am sure that is NOT how the job was posted, but they expect her to GIVE her time? she was not asking for more money but more hours to get the things done that have not been done over the years with the amount of hours given. Linda couldn’t get it done, Beth can’t get it done, who do they expect to be their miracle worker next? Why do we have a town board when they can’t make a simple decision on giving hours? if it has to go to the town people then let it go there. We know how to make decisions. If it is benefits that worry the town board she has a right to decline them just like every other job gives their employees that right. paris is just stalling and trying to keep the town running like it was 20 years ago with the SAME amount of hours too probably. I don’t know if the town board realizes this but WE HAVE GROWN. We need more hours at our town office. We also need more hours for the fire and rescue department as well. We are not staffed all year and we depend on volunteers although paid per call to be available every day and night. Guess what? that doesn’t happen every day either. Sometimes we have no one around to man the station or even in the area if in fact something was to happen. Paris needs to take control of the important things such as protecting our community and our town hall is the big part of that. if it has to go to a special vote then so be it. We need town support.

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