Thursday Paris town meeting changed

How to give the Paris town clerk/treasurer additional compensation will not be a topic at a special town meeting Thursday afternoon.

The town posted a notice Wednesday that the special town meeting scheduled for Thursday has been cancelled.

There still will be a meeting however. The Town Board will now meet to consider a liquor license for St. John the Baptist Church on July 24 and 25 and two operator’s licenses.

The notice says the topic of the clerk/treasurer compensation will now be discussed at the regular July 27 Town Board meeting.



  1. Xfactor says:

    What a surprise.

  2. Hammerman says:

    Will the saga never end? If she doesn’t like the pay, just quit. Part-time job making $26000.00 – lots of people would jump at that job.

  3. Xfactor says:

    The pay is what it is. Take it or leave it. Follow the rules.
    Also, would the town hold a special meeting to give the dragstip or someone else a permit? Not a chance. St. Johns didn’t get their paperwork in on time and now we paid and overpriced lawyer to handle a special meeting. St John’s should reimburse the town for this cost. Hmmm? I believe the chairman belongs to this church……. Business as usual at the Town of Paris.

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