CHS Community Band concert coverage

The CHS Community Band played its first ever concert Sunday evening in Senior Citizens Park in Paddock Lake.

The CHS Community Band gave it’s first ever concert today at Senior Citizen Park, on the shore of  Paddock Lake.

The band is made up of about 35 high school students, incoming freshmen and some recent graduates. Director Adam Scheele, also the Central High School band director, said he formed the group as a way for students to continue to perform over the summer.  He expects the band to play another concert, probably in another location, sometime later this summer.

We can’t provide extensive video due to rights issues but here is a 30 second excerpt from one of the four pieces the band performed.

The percussionists viewed through a maple tree at the park.

An audience of about 50 people listened to the CHS Community Band Sunday.


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  1. Kathy Christenson says:

    It was a great performance, looking forward to many more……… keep the music going!!

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