Eagle Scout candidate organizing Lake Mary clean-up

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Twin Lakes Boy Scout Troop 380 member and Eagle Scout candidate Ryne Strom is organizing a Clean-up Lake Mary Day on July 24.

Strom is organizing the event as part of his efforts to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout. He recently received the approval of the Twin Lakes Village Board for the clean-up day.

Plans for the event call for certified SCUBA divers to clean the lake of submerged garbage and debris along the shore line from Lance Park to the Aquanuts show area.

Also, Strom is coordinating the collection of garbage within the park grounds using volunteer Cub and Boy Scouts.

The clean-up will start at 9 a.m. with registration of certified divers. Divers must supply certification cards at registration and their own dive equipment.

Pre-registration is not mandatory, but Storm is asking that divers and Rescue Dive Teams wishing to participate contact him at 210-7998 in order to better facilitate the event.

Dive gear rental for those that wish to do so can be done through Toucan Dive in Lake Villa, Illinois 847-356-7826. Toucan Dive is offering half price gear rental for those that mention the rental is for this event.

Troop 380 will be selling food at the event, with proceeds going to the Twin Lakes Parks Department.

Sponsors include, but are not limited to:

  • Toucan Dive.
  • Twin Lakes Parks Commission.
  • Kenosha County Parks.
  • Southeast Wisconsin Boy Scouts.

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