Stand Tall Against Alcohol addressing underage drinking

It’s likely you have seen those “Parents who host lose the most” signs as you make your way around Western Kenosha County.

Those signs are not the product of a lone zealot. They are part of the work of a group coordinated by the Concerned Citizens Coalition and funded through a state grant. The local effort is called Stand Tall Against Alcohol and it is targeting working with parents and law enforcement on dealing with underage drinking.

The group’s director is Steve Fredriksson. Recently I sat down with him to talk a little about the effort behind the group responsible for those ubiquitous signs.

Here Fredriksson addresses the core message of those signs and the group’s efforts. What are the consequences for a parent who hosts an underage drinking party?:

Here Fredriksson address the community’s sense of urgency about underage drinking:

Here Fredriksson addresses how law enforcement works into this effort:

Here Fredriksson explains how the group approaches addressing this problem:

For more information on this project contact Fredriksson at 652-3358; email:


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