Golf Tip of the Week: Green Side Bunker

Photo courtesy of Twin Lakes Country Club

Welcome to another installment of our golf tips feature, sponsored by Twin Lakes Country Club.

This week’s tip is offered by Chad Cantwell, pro at Twin Lakes Country Club, two-time Kenosha County Open champion and holder of  the all-time low scoring average record at University of Wisconsin-Parkside:

Green Side Bunkers:

  • This can be one of the easiest shots in golf!
  • Lots of room for error!
  • The only shot in golf where you can get under the ball!
  • The only shot in golf where your club doesn’t make contact with the ball!
  • Stay Relaxed and loose!

In order to explode the sand out of the bunker and onto the green, you must:

  • Use the bounce on the wedge (trailing edge)
  • Open the face of the club 2 – 5 degrees
  • Open your stance by the same amount
  • Very loose, relaxed hands and wrists
  • Complete backswing!
  • Allow club to enter sand approx 2 inches behind the ball
  • Smooth tempo, with a full follow through, club should end up on your left shoulder

Twin Lakes Country Club is located at 1230 Legion Drive, Twin Lakes, (262) 877-2500.

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