Lily Lake Public Beach to get new sign and fence

This fence fabric at Lily Lake Public Beach will be replaced after action by the Wheatland Town Board Monday.

Lily Lake Public Beach will soon be getting a new rules sign and a new fence after action by the Wheatland Town Board Monday.

The new sign will only list regulations specific to Lily Lake along with a notice that all other state Department of Natural Resources rules are in effect on the lake. The old sign had a mix of local and state ordinances, which made it more crowded.

The local regulations are:

  1. Slow, no wake speed time is from 8 p.m. or sunset (whichever comes first) to 10 a.m.
  2. All boats must operate in counter-clockwise direction at all times. No more than two skiers are allowed per boat.
  3. To swim, dive or snorkel from a boat, the boat must be anchored, have an observer aboard and person in water must stay within 25 feet of the boat.
  4. Watercraft racing is not allowed on Lily Lake. This wording was chosen to specifically address racing of boats, but will allow racing on the ice with various vehicles in organized events, as has taken place in the past, Chairman Bill Glembocki said.
  5. Boats cannot be docked, grounded or otherwise remain on the shore of Lily Lake in the beach/park area.

The board has approved a cost for the sign of no more than $1,250.

Also Monday, the board approved the replacement of the fence fabric at the beach.

The contractor will remove the current fabric, which is rusted and has sharp exposed edges. The current posts, which are set in concrete, will be used after a repainting by a town employee.

The new fabric will be green coated vinyl. A bid of $1,388 was approved by the board for the fence removal and installation work.


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