Golf Tip of the Week: “Up and Down to save par”

Photo courtesy of Twin Lakes Country Club

Welcome to our new golf tips feature, sponsored by Twin Lakes Country Club.

This week’s tip is offered by Chad Cantwell, pro at Twin Lakes Country Club, two-time Kenosha County Open champion and holder of  the all-time low scoring average record at University of Wisconsin-Parkside:

Helpful tips on chipping it close

Right-Handed Terminology

  • Ball Position – Center of stance.
  • Hand Position – Target side of the ball.
  • 80% of body weight favors left leg.
  • Keep club low to ground going back and low after impact (Don’t help the ball up).
  • Keep left wrist firm.
  • Lower body remains very still during swing.
  • Grip down on the club for greater control.
  • Visualize the shot and let the conditions (terrain and lie) determine the club to be used.

Twin Lakes Country Club is located at 1230 Legion Drive, Twin Lakes, (262) 877-2500.

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