Silver Lake purchases new pier for village boat launch

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Silver Lake will have a new pier at the village boat launch off Cogswell Drive after action by the Village Board Wednesday.

The board agreed to pay $3,600 for the new pier. The pier will be intended for short-term use by people luanching and taking their boats out of the lake, said village President Roger Johnson. Curretly there is no pier for public use at the launch.

“It’s not going to be a parking lot,” Johnson said.

The village has been considering placing a pier at the launch to deter people from docking at the neighboring private Wisconsin Lakeland Property Owners Assocation piers.

The board did discuss the cost.

“We don’t even know how we’re going to pay for all the streeet lights in this town,” said Trustee Chris Willkomm. “I can’t support this. I want to see this money spent better.”

However, other board members pointed out the launch does generate revenue that will likely pay for the pier within two years. The pier also will replace the old police department pier with a safer pier.

Ultimately, Willkomm voted for the purchase.

The pier will be paid for with money from the police department budget, a donation from the dive team and any proceeds from selling sections of the old pier. The police department budget money can then be reimbursed with launch revenues.

The village has generated about $5,000 in launch fees over the last two years.


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