Rep. Kerkman takes the bus for office hours

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman (left) and Stephanie Phillips, Western Kenosha County Transit coordinator, board a transit bus Tuesday in Twin lakes.

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman took her in-district office hours Tuesday on the road, riding a Western Kenosha County Transit bus.

The idea to take her office hours mobile was suggested by transit officials.

Kerkman was accompanied on the trip by Stephanie Phillips, transportation coordinator with the transit service, and Kerkman’s mother, Marge Starzyk (and me for about one hour of the two-hour trip).

Only a couple of other passengers rode the buses Kerkman was on during her two-hour trip. The bus recently has seen a surge of early morning and late afternoon ridership transit officials attribute to commuter use, with about 1,500 rides recorded last month, Phillips said.

While she would have welcomed the opportunity to talk to more constituents, Kerkman said the first hand experience with the transit service was useful to her nonetheless.

“It was helpful for me if I have constituents ask about it,’ Kerkman said. “It was a good experience. I’m glad I took the time to do it today.”

Here’s some video from the trip, with interesting info about the line related by Phillips:


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  1. Steve Brown says:

    I see that Samantha Kerkman, my opponent in the 66th Assembly District, took a bus ride Tuesday morning. She rode the Western Kenosha County Transit bus, although her political handlers touted it as her “office” for the day, where she could talk with her constituents.

    I’m sure those campaign handlers thought it was a cute political ploy to make it seem as if she was paying attention to what voters are saying and thinking. But my goodness, didn’t they realize the supreme irony of Samantha using a $2 ride on this public bus as a cheap political stunt.

    Okay, let’s look at a few facts.
    • The bus service offered by Western Kenosha County Transit is important. I strongly support it. It serves an average of more than 800 riders a month, providing reasonably priced, critical transportation to and through the western portions of Kenosha County.
    • A study has shown that riders, seniors, working people, those out of work and looking for a job, in fact, anybody with a need for transportation, is riding the bus. Fifty-four percent of its ridership doesn’t have driver’s licenses. Sixty-seven percent have no other way to go shopping, make doctor’s appointments, go to work or get to town.
    • This bus service, operated by the county and other partnering agencies, is funded, in part, by state monies, approved when the Democratic majority in the state legislature passed the biennial budget last year.
    • But Samantha Kerkman, representing our 66th Assembly District, voted against the very budget that made today’s political bus ride possible! If she and her GOP cohorts had had their way, there wouldn’t even be a bus!

    As for me, I am always happy to listen to you voters of the 66th District, and not just on a one-day bus ride. I want to be YOUR representative. I want to know what YOU are worrying about; what YOU want your legislator in Madison to do that will help REAL families in our area.

    I will be walking the neighborhoods. I will be available, by phone, by email, on Facebook. I will be speaking out. . . and I will be listening.
    And you won’t have to pay a $2 bus fare to tell me your concerns.

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