Twin Lakes limits The Sand Bar hours to midnight close

The Twin Lakes Village Board renewed liquor and cabaret licenses for village bars and restaurants Monday and singled out one for more restrictive hours.

During a public hearing, a neighbor of The Sand Bar, which operates at the village-owned boat launch on Lake Elizabeth, complained about rowdy behavior at the business, sometimes disturbing neighbors until as late as 1:30 a.m.  He also complained about loud, live music in the evenings when it was agreed that such acts would end at 6 p.m., garish exterior lighting and decor and other nuisances.

“We’re still awakened regularly after midnight,” said Dan Scheid. “This is a residential neighborhood. The previous owners understood this.”

Scheid asked that the board shorten The Sand Bar’s weekday operating hours to 10 p.m. and weekend hours to 11 p.m.

Scheid was the only person who spoke at the hearing with complaints about the business, but the village received at least one other written complaint about the business.

Two people spoke in support of the facility Monday night and the village received at least five written statements of support.

The Sand Bar’s owner and operator, Carlo DiCarlo, acknowledged that he has heard complaints from Scheid, and said he has tried to address them and will continue to try to address them.

“We want to be a good neighbor to everyone.” DiCarlo said. “Maybe we haven’t done enough to keep it down.”

DiCarlo said he would be willing to close at midnight, instead of the 2 p.m. allowed under a typical liquor license. He also has recently installed windows and plans to install a permanent roof, which he says should help control noise at the site.

Motions to approve liquor and cabaret licenses — with amendments to require The Sand Bar to close at midnight — were approved unanimously by the board.

This video of the exterior of The Sand Bar was taken just after Monday’s Village Board meeting, at about 8:30 p.m.


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  1. jimmy tuner says:

    well, sheid isn’t the only one annoyed with the noise coming from this place, i am a avid walleye fishermen, who loves the tranquilty of the lake at night and has for the last 30 years,up intil now..i live on the other side of the lake and i can hear the music and language on any given night. ruins quite nights on my dock. IT is a true nuisance..

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