Pleasant Prairie approves agreement with Bristol that clears way for annexation vote

Pleasant Prairie has approved an amendment to its boundary agreement with Bristol and dropping its legal objections to a referendum on Bristol unification.

The vote was unanimous and held at a special meeting this evening.

“If there’s any hint of finger pointing between the municipalities this should put that to rest,” said Trustee Michael Serpe. “Now that this is behind us we will be able to concetrate on bigger and better things.”

A key portion of the agreement, which amends a 1997 agreement on boundaries between Pleasant Prairie and Bristol, allows for 35 acres of land to be added to Pleasant Prairie’s future growth area. Property in that growth area will eventually be annexed into Pleasant Prairie.

All of that land is presently owned by shipping products company Uline and will allow a planned building on the site to be within one municipality — Pleasant Prairie, said William White, Bristol’s attorney. Uline is building a headquarters and warehouses just west of I-94 mostly on land already in Pleasant Prairie.

The agreement also calls for Bristol to consider three other landowners’ wishes to annex into Pleasant Prairie, even though they are not in the designated  growth area, said Kevin Long, Pleasant Prairie’s attorney.

The Bristol town and village boards will vote on the agreement tonight at a 7 p.m. meeting. If those board also approve, the vote could be June 24, following a court order designating that date, expected Friday. also approved the agreement unanimously.

As of 7:29 p.m., both Bristol boards were in a closed executive session to discuss the agreement.  The Bristol boards discussed the agreement in executive session for about 90 minutes.

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