Less weeds in Paris memorial walk

The Paris Memorial on May 5 has considerable less weeds visible than the week before.

Efforts continue to try to rid the Paris Memorial walkway of its weed problem.

The above photo is from last Wednesday; to see a comparison photo from April 30 click here.

The clearer walk was the result of both spraying and physical removal of the existing weeds, town Chariman Virgil Gentz said.

The town is committed to keeping the walk clear of weeds, even if it takes regular spraying, he said.



  1. Paris Resident says:

    What a sad situation. I don’t understand why the company contracted to install these pavers is not being held responsible. If they did their job correctly there would not be a weed problem. As usual, the board probably just accepted the lowest bid. What a shame. (and, what a waste of time at the Town Board meetings every month and endless waste of money.)

  2. Paris Resident Too says:

    Considering what the Town paid to have this Memorial done, the company that did the work SHOULD definitely be held responsible for this. This is what happens when the Town doesn’t take bids – they just hire a friend. That’s how politics works in small towns. It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know. Very sad – very sad indeed. This Town Board will be spending all our money on silly things rather than for our taxes. You should see what they’re getting (or NOT getting) for interest on 25 million dollars!!!

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