Twin Lakes proposes a $3.19 per call fee for Salem dispatching

Twin Lakes is proposing a $3.19 per call charge for providing dispatch services for Salem Public Safety officers.

Twin Lakes Police Chief Dale Racer said the charge was based on an estimate of time a village dispatcher would use to handle a typical call for Salem. At a call volume of about nine calls per week, Racer said he did not feel handling the dispatch would overburden Twin Lakes dispatchers.

Salem is seeking dispatch service for its public safety and water patrol officers so they have a reliable way to account for their whereabouts and call for assistance if needed while on traffic stops or code enforcement assignments.

Salem used to use a channel no longer monitored by the county Joint Services Department. Joint Services would no allow Salem to begin using a main channel because that frequency is  already too busy.

Having someone always reachable by radio is important for police and public safety officers, Racer said.

If Twin Lakes finalizes the dispatch agreement, it will not obligate its police officers to additional back-up duties, Racer said.

“We’re just there so they can talk to someone for safety…,” Racer said.

If a Salem officer needs help, Twin Lakes will contact the Sheriff’s Department.

The Village Board was supportive at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting of the agreement moving forward.


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