Silver Lake considering pier options

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The Silver Lake Village Board is considering its options — and the cost — for a new pier at the boat launch off of Cogswell Drive.

The board would like to locate a pier at the launch for public use. Currently, there is a pier at the launch, but it is only for the use of the police department.

The board hopes that having a pier for public use at the launch will deter people from using private piers on adjacent lake association property. A new pier would also replace the police department pier.

Trustee Barbara Ironside obtained bids for three types of piers ranging from $3,600 to $10,000.

Initially village President Roger Johnson said he favored a floating style pier, which was the $10,000 quote. However, after some discussion about the price, he asked the matter be tabled for two weeks so he could do some callling to verify pricing.

Police Chief Dan Kingsley was given permission to install some sections of the old pier if the matter is unresolved by the time water patrol needs to begin.


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