Randall-Twin Lakes sharing building inspector finalized

Randall and Twin Lakes will begin sharing a building inspector and code enforcement officer after the approval of an intergovernmental agreement by the Randall Town Board Thursday night.

Twin Lakes had approved the agreement Monday.

Under the agreement, Randall will pay $1,000 per month to Twin Lakes for the services. Next year, Randall will pay $1,250 per month.

Previously, the town paid 80 percent of collected building inspection fees its inspector, David Sturdevant. In 2008, the town paid out $16,000 and $23,000 in 2009.

“We’re getting a pretty good deal here,” said ┬áChairman Bob Stoll.

Twin Lakes also contracts with Sturdevant, who will effectively now be shared between the two municipalities.

“We’ve got a town and a village cooperating here, saving taxpayers’ money,” Stoll said.


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