Severe Weather Week: It’s not just about twisters

US Government photo/ Public domain

When people in the Midwest — and perhaps especially Western Kenosha Countians after recent experience — think of severe weather tornadoes come to mind.

But Ben Schliesman, director, Kenosha County Emergency Management, points out there is more to dangerous weather here than tornadoes.

“The purpose of Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week, is to get people thinking about not only tornadoes and what one needs to do to protect themselves, their families and their property, but other types of severe weather as well,” said Schliesman. “People need to be aware of the dangers of severe thunderstorms/lightning, which cause an average of 93 deaths and 300 injuries per year nationwide; flash floods/floods which kill nearly 140 people per year nationwide and cause millions of dollars in damages.”

This week has been designated Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kenosha County and around the state.


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