Salem School Board sends 2010-11 calendar back to drawing board due to early spring break

A 2010-11 calendar including a proposal to have spring break at Salem School the third week of March instead of the week after Easter — and out of sync with the already set week for Central High School — was unanimously rejected by the School Board Tuesday night.

The teacher’s union had proposed the earlier break. A teacher speaking Tuesday said the reason was because a late break would not leave enough time to refocus students after break and before the year ends.

The board directed administration to talk to teachers about alternatives, however sentiment on the board expressed Tuesday was strong for keeping Salem’s break in sync with Central’s.

Easter falls on April 24 next year. Central’s spring break is scheduled for April 22 to May 1 in 2011. Salem has traditionally also had spring break the week after Easter.

Several members of the public also spoke about the breaks, most saying they wanted the breaks to match. Reasons cited included child care difficulties, family vacations and concerns about absences when families seek to sync breaks themselves.

All board members gave their views on the topic and none supported the earlier break.

“In these financial times, this would be a p.r. disaster,” said board member Larry Kamin. “I think it’s a mistake. I don’t know what we’re thinking here.”

Board President Shane Gerber said “We need to be consistent with the other area schools.” However, he also offered a proposal for discussion of splitting the break days between the last week in March and the traditional spring break week after Easter.

The board will consider a new calendar next month after development by staff .


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