Read this if you have a Carrier/Bryant/Payne furnace

A crew from Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning in Paddock Lake work on rmoving the secondary heat exchanger in our furnace.

If you have a Carrier, Payne or Bryant furnace we recently found out something you might want to know as well. If your unit is effected, you could be eligible for a free replacement of a major component of your system or a sizable credit toward a new furnace.

Qualifying units were installed before April 22, 2008. Some of these high efficiency condensing furnaces have secondary heat exchangers coated with a material that in some cases has proved insufficient, according to information from Carrier. If an inspection determines your unit is effected, you can have the secondary heat exchanger replaced or get a credit toward the purchase of a new unit.

When we heard about this program we decided to have our unit, installed when we built our home in 2000, inspected. Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning came out and tested and inspected the unit and found it did need replacing. They will do the inspection at no cost to you. They ordered the part, which arrived about a week after the inspection. They came out to our home and replaced the unit in short order.

Let me emphasize that there was absolutely no cost to us for the replacement. We did have to sign a form saying we were electing to have the replacement done instead of getting the credit toward a new furnace.

Rick Sheehan of Reliable explained the problem with the secondary heat exchanger did not pose a safety hazard. However, our furnace should be more efficient with the new part, he said.

If you have a Carrier or Bryant furnace installed before April 2008 it’s well worth having checked out.

The corrosion seen on our old secondary heat exchanger at left is an indicator of the problem causing Carrier to replace them.


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