“Panther Dads” clean up grounds at Paris School

Chainsaws were an essential tool for the work that needed to be done at Paris School Saturday.

With rakes, shovels, chainsaws, trailers, ATVs and even a skid steer and tractor some “Panther Dads” Saturday gave the Paris School campus a thorough outdoor spring cleaning and cleared a path to Town Hall that could be used if the school building every had to be evacuated.

District administrator Roger Gahart said the group had originally wanted to get the work done last spring, but weather interfered on a number of targeted dates. This fall didn’t work out either.

But on Saturday the sky was clear, the grounds dry and the conditions near perfect for clearing scrub growth, piling it on a neighboring farm field and burning it.

With the heavy work out of the way at least for a while, the school may re-create the clean-up day in future years as an event in which students participate, Gahart said.

This skid steer made quick work of some of the bigger jobs to be done.

District administrator Roger Gahart throws a branch on a trailer with a load to be hauled off to a burn pile.

Jeff Ashmus throws another branch on the burn pile just after it was lit.


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