Sheriff’s Department looking for tips about Paris burglaries

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department has issued the following press release:

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department is asking for the community’s help in investigating a rash of residential burglaries that have plagued the Town of Paris (and nearby areas) in recent weeks. Eight burglaries have been reported by Paris residents over the past two months. Because of their rural location, information is limited and deputies are looking for more leads. We are asking for your help.

The majority of these burglaries are occurring during the daytime hours. Commonly, the residents are at work or away when the burglary occurs. The suspects are usually targeting residential homes of higher value. Most of these homes are in outlying areas set back off the road.

The perpetrators are gaining entry to the homes by kicking in doors and basement windows. Stolen items consist of the usual: cash, jewelry, TVs, laptops and tools. Currently the only information we have to release is that two male/whites were seen in the area of one recent burglary. The Kenosha Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone with any information about these, or any other crimes to contact:

  • The Kenosha Sheriff’s Department Detective Division at 605-5102.
  • Crime Stoppers at: 262- 656-7333

Sheriff David Beth is asking all area residents to keep an eye out for any persons (or vehicles) that may seem suspicious, or out of place, and report them to the Sheriff’s Department. If you see a suspicious vehicle, get a license plate number and call the department. It just might put these criminals behind bars. Remember, the best burglar alarm is the neighbor next door.

Also, the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department is planning a presentation on Neighborhood Watch/ preventing burglaries at the Paris Town Hall for the end of April. The date and time will be announced shortly.

Beth also spoke to an audience of about 75 people at Paris Town Hall in November about citizen concerns at that time about an increase in burglaries. At the meeting. Beth said he found reports for 15 burglaries and thefts in Paris over the previous year,  a number he said was relatively very good in Kenosha County



  1. Northwestern Mike says:

    I submitted a tip right after the last Paris Meeting. I would like to know about any follow up on my tip.

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