Salem 4 year old kindergarten registration next week

This is a view of one of the two brand new classrooms at Salem School that will house 4 year old kindergarten.

Students turning four before September 1, 2010 and living in the Salem School District are now eligible for enrollment into 4-year-old kindergarten.

Registration for 4K will take place on April 19-23, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Salem School.

Parents need to bring in their child’s birth certificate to verify age, said elementary grades Principal Shawn Waller.

The program will be offered at Salem School for the first time next school year.

An orientation day will be held in August so that parents and students can meet the staff, visit the classrooms, and possibly ride the school bus. A staggered start to the school year (first three days of school) will allow students to get to know their teachers, daily procedures and building layout in a small group format. Bus transportation will be provided to homes and daycares within the Salem School District boundary lines. The bus will transport only  4K students and an aide and will drop off and pick up near the 4K classrooms.

The 4k program will consist of either a morning class (8:30-11:15) or an afternoon class (12:45-3:30). Geography will determine which class students will attend. Class sizes will be no larger than 17 students and will have a certified 4K teacher with a classroom aide. Progress forms will be given out after 2nd and 4th quarters (January and June). Parent-teacher conferences will be held as needed or by request from guardians.

Salem 4K will have classes Monday through Friday.


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