Salem third graders recycling bags into jump ropes

Peyton Pelech (left) and Emilly Buccelli test out some of the jump ropes that Anne Woodward's third grade class at Salem School are making from plastic bags. /Submitted photo

Recycling can be more than just throwing stuff into that bin that gets picked up at your curb each week. It also can be taking something you acquire for one purpose and — instead of throwing it away — finding another good use for it.

Some third graders are using that second approach to create a fun item from what normally would be something thrown away.

Anne Woodward’s third grade class at Salem School has been making jump ropes in their spare time. The jump ropes are braided using the bags that newspapers are delivered in. It takes about 18 bags to make an individual jump rope.

The students are enjoying making — and using —  the new jump ropes, Woodward said.

And they’re learning a lesson about reuse in the process.

Salem School third graders Ashlyn Friedrichs, Brenna Maloney and Paige Philippi pose with jump ropes they are making from plastic bags in their spare time. /Submitted photo


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