Local Holocaust survivor to speak at The March of Remembrance in Washington DC

Paul Argiewicz

Holocaust survivor Paul Argiewicz, who lives in Paddock Lake, will be one of three featured speakers at the The March of Remembrance in Washington DC this Sunday.

Speeches by Argiewicz and two other World War II Nazi death camp survivors will take place at the steps of the US Capitol after the march, which will begin just east of the Washington Monument.

Sunday is Holocaust Remembrance Day. The March of Remembrance was organized by various churches and Messianic congregations all over the U.S., according to a website publicizing the event.

The march is symbolic, said Cheryl Argiewicz, Paul’s wife.

“Instead of a death march, it’s a march of life,” she said.

Paul Argiewicz frequently makes appearances to speak of his experiences surviving the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, where he was liberated  65 years ago by Allied troops on April 11, 1945, just days before his scheduled execution. Deanne Joseph, a Salem resident, wrote the book, “176520” based on Argiewicz’s life.


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