Garden tractor groups wants to hold events in Twin Lakes

A garden tractor club is seeking permission to hold monthly pulling competitions in Twin Lakes.

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The Village Board considered the request at its Committee of the Whole meeting Monday.

The State Line Garden Tractors Association is seeking to hold the event on a Lance Drive (Highway O ) property owned by Vickie Bushnell. A note from Bushnell to the village says the group is insured for hosting the events.

In tractor pull, people compete to see whose machine can pull a progressive weight sled the farthest.

The events will be open to the public, Bushnell said in her note. A diagram supplied to the board with the note showed plans to park cars at the front and around the  periphery of the 1.6 acre site.

Some Village Board members had initial concerns about the events being noisy. But Trustee Thomas Connolly and village administrator David Cox said they determined from the group’s website that the tractors would be using maximum  20 horsepower motors and would not be allowed to have some of the more extreme modifications allowed by some such competitions.

Trustee Aaron Karow suggested adding a provision to any approval that permission to hold the event could be withdrawn if there are a lot of neighbors complaint.

Cox said he would seek another meeting with Bushnell to finalize details and ask questions. The board could vote on approving the events later this month.


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