Central High School administration eyeing smaller staff next year

Central High School administration is recommending a reduction of 3.3 full time equivalent employees for next school year.

The recommendation was made at a Finance Committee meeting Tuesday night.

The reductions come mostly from not replacing retiring or resigning teachers. One layoff also is included in the plan, which has not been acted on by the board.

The reduction in staff would continue what seems to have become a trend. In the 2008-09 school year, the district had 92.1 FTEs. In the current school year, that was dropped to 87.7 FTEs. The current proposal would bring the staff number down to 84.4 for next year if enacted.

District administrator Scott Pierce pointed out the district is experiencing declining enrollment and expects to for the foreseeable future, based on enrollment in the feeder districts. He said enrollment could be as low as 974 students in 10 years, though unforeseen factors could influence that outcome either way.


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