Paris students go medieval

The entrance to one hall at Paris School that is decked out in student art evoking medieval times.

Some Paris students created this replica stained glass from construction paper and colored cellophane.

This year’s all school reading unit at Paris School, themed around medieval times, concluded with the traditional all school program Wednesday afternoon.

For two weeks students have been reading about the middle ages and engaging in wide variety of activities linked to that time including, building scale models of a famous castle, writing with feather pens, learning jester skills like juggling, making replica stained glass windows, designing games with a medieval theme and decking out one school hallway with every imaginable reference including a castle draw bridge and a throne on the opposite side.

The activity culminated in an all-school program Wednesday. Each grade prepares something related to the unit to share with the group, said Margie Blair, the school’s reading specialist who coordinates the reading unit.

Here’s some video of the play “Good Night, Good Knight,” which the kindergarten through second grade students presented:

Here some of the older students display the juggling skills they developed for a demonstration on court jesters:

Third and fourth graders presented a skit with a pun payoff:

The special guest for the afternoon was Mary Kababik, who dressed as a Renaissance era queen. With great enthusiasm and knowledge of the topic she spoke of what it was like to be royalty in medieval times and during the Renaissance. In this clip she answer a question from a student, and relates the sometimes grim realities of being a queen:



  1. justine kevek says:

    how can I see the video from the sixth grade performance at paris school? I missed it while it was on here. thanks

  2. admin says:

    Justine: Unfortunately I was not able to record the older students performances since I had to leave for another appointment. Sorry about that. — Darren

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