The Sharing Center receives important donations from food distributor and Trevor chiropractor

Volunteers sort through food donated by Gordon Food Service to The Sharing Center. The food service distribution company, which recently opened a facility in Kenosha, is expected to make weekly donations to the center.

The Sharing Center was the recipient of two important donations last week — one from a food distributor that just started operations in Kenosha and the other from a chiropractor based in Trevor.

As of last week, Gordon Food Service, which recently opened a facility in Kenosha, will begin making deliveries of surplus food items to The Sharing Center, perhaps as often as weekly, said Lynn Biese, interim director of The Sharing Center.

The Gordon donation received last week included many items that The Sharing Center rarely is able to offer its clients in quantity, including fresh produce and a variety of meats, Biese said.

“We never get this,” Biese said referring to meat and produce stacked high on tables at the center.”Now we’re going to get this every week.”

The donations from Gordon are expected to be so regular and generous that Biese is looking for additional regular volunteers to help store and sort the bounty.

Gordon also is donating to The Shalom Center in Kenosha.

Casey Horbach and Lynn Biese

Also last week, The Sharing Center received a sizable cash donation from Casey Horbach, a doctor of chiropractic that has an office in Trevor.

Recently, Horbach pledged to donate fees from new patients to The Sharing Center. When the fundraising effort ended, over $800 had been raised.

Such a large cash donation will allow the center to purchase food for many families for months at the prices available to the center, Biese told Horbach while accepting the check.

Donations are always welcome at The Sharing Center. Besides cash, the center is now currently accepting only donations of:

  • Food.
  • Clothing
  • Linen.
  • Small kitchen appliances used in food preparation.

See The Sharing Center’s website for more information.


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