Snow or no — Silver Lake egg hunt set to go

Egg hunters in last year's Silver Lake Easter Egg hunt hit the field in search of eggs.

Silver Lake’s 15th annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place — even if it snows — at 11 a.m., Saturday, March 27 at Schmalfeldt Park.

Included in the festivities will be the arrival of “Mr. Bunny” (a.k.a. Austin Stoxen) riding up to the park on a Silver Lake Fire Department fire engine. Some 800 eggs have been prepared for children from 3 to 6 years old to find. Hunters are separated by age.

The event  will take place even if there is snow on the ground. However, if it is rained out the make-up date will be April 3.

Village Trustee Ann Augustin coordinates the event and reminds parents not to accompany their children during the search.

“The kids do just great on their own and also get a feeling of accomplishment when they do it themselves,” Augustin said. “To have a few parents help their kids collect the eggs is not fair to the majority who play by the rules.”

Other rules will remain the same as in recent years.

“When a child has accumulated three eggs, they will be asked to step out of the hunting area until every kid has found three eggs,” Augustin said. “Then when all have their quota, a whistle will be blown that will signify ‘open season’ for all participants to find the remaining eggs in their respective age groups.”

All eggs will contain candy and some will also have gift certificates donated by Dairy Queen and McDonald’s. One egg in each age group will entitle the finder to a stuffed Easter bunny donated by Peoples Bank.


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