Silver Lake will try to recover funds to replace FD gear

The Silver Lake Fire Department will seek avenues for funds to replace the turnout gear of two firefighters who assisted in the response to a turned over tanker truck in Somers last week.

In cleaning up the diesel fuel spilled by the tanker, their gear absorbed so much fuel odor that the department has so far been unable to clean them sufficiently to use them or even store them in the fire station, said Trustee Richard Maron at this week’s Village Board meeting. Likely they will have to be replaced.

Unfortunately the gear was relatively new as it was purchased for two of the younger and more active firefighters, said Maron, who also is a fire department member. A set of turnout gear costs about $1,000.

Several Village Board members urged the department to contact the Somers Fire Department to see if there is some way Silver Lake can recover the cost of replacing the gear. If that’s not possible, the Silver Lake department’s insurance may have to be tapped.

In the meantime, the two effected firefighter are using older spare gear, Maron said.



  1. chris skrzynecki says:

    As reported in the KN Ben Schliesman, Director of the County Division of Emergency Management will be submitting a bill on behalf of all expenses incurred due to the accident by the public agencys involved. Veolia cleaned up the deisel fuel spilled and is submitting their own bill to the trucking company. Silver Lake FD should be able to get reimbursed through the county.

  2. Trish says:

    Why can’t Silver Lake get reimbursement from the insurance company for the truck that caused the accident? I think that is where they should start. It should not be the responsibility of the village fire department to pay for that. That is what insurance is for isn’t it?

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