Central HS students build cabinets for schools

Nick Able and Gary Kreuger pose with the cabinet they made for Paris School.

Nick Able and Gary Kreuger pose with the cabinet they made for Paris School.

This past semester, two Central High School seniors, Nick Abel and Gary Kreuger, produced three cabinets for local grade schools through the Technology Education Department. The catalyst to the cabinets project was an answer submitted by a local teacher during the 2008/09 school year when asked “If you could have three wishes for your classroom, what would they be?” Instead of purchasing the cabinets from a big-box store, the opportunity to plan and build the cabinets was offered to Westosha Central High School’s Technology Education Department.

Due to the patience and open minds of Salem School teacher Frank Bellante, Salem School principal Shawn Waller, Central High School assistant principal Dan Kiel, Paris Grade School District administrator Roger Gahart, Brighton Grade School District administrator Laurie Wright and Central woods technology teacher  Bert Christensen, the cabinets project was approved for the 2009/10 school year.

The cabinets were delivered to the schools last month.

At Paris, Gahart was asked where the school would use the cabinet. Admiring the workmanship, Gahart said he though they were worthy of the main office.

Patrick and Jamie Rook of Salem organized the project. NextDayStamps.com of Racine provided tags for the cabinets.

“Instead of making something for themselves, these students chose to make these cabinets for the schools,” Jamie Rook said.

Throughout the progress of the cabinets project, a need was recognized and CommunityArtisans.org evolved, Rook explained. Although in its infancy, the website’s purpose will be to offer opportunities for growth through community involvement by uniting those with a project needing artistic skill sets with those in search of an opportunity to develop their talents.


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