Bristol may decide on starting 4K by next month

Photo by Viviane Stonoga via stock.xchng

The Bristol School District is still considering starting a 4-year-old kindergarten program, and a decision may be imminent.

District administrator Gale Ryczek said at Tuesday’s School Board meeting that a decision on starting the  program should be made by next month’s meting.

“It’s caused a lot of conversation,” Ryczek said.

There is support amongst Bristol parents for the program and the opinions of administrators at districts that have 4K are also favorable, Ryczek said.

“There’s really good reasons to have it,” Ryczek said. Those reasons include better preparation for kindergarten. Another reason — not discussed Tuesday — that districts implement 4K is it increases student population which increases state aid.

Hurdles for Bristol include transportation arrangements, cost and  finding space to house the program. If current open space in the building is used, then the district might lose some flexibility if it needed another classroom for some reason. Ryczek also has scouted some remote locations, but that brings further challenges.

“It’s just a matter of money,” Ryczek said. “There is the support out there for it.”


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