Residents voice concerns to Randall Town Board about county’s dog park

Several residents attended the Randall Town Board meeting tonight to express concerns about the proximity of a proposed dog park to a town park as well as residences.

The groups’s concerns seemed to center on how lack of waste removal might impact the adjacent Bassett Park, which is a town park. The dog park is proposed to be a part of a large county park that will be developed along Highway KD of which a portion is adjacent to Bassett Park.

Sharon McCormack said she feels the dog park will adversely effect the use of Bassett Park due to its proximity.

“To me it’s going to be great for the flies. They will go between the poo and the potato salad,” McCormack said. “Who would want to have a family picnic next to a dog park?”

McCormack said research conducted by her family showed that most other dog parks in Wisconsin, including those in Madison and Burlington, are located in more remote areas — not adjacent to town parks or residential areas.

“I’m not a dog hater, I love animals,” said Ron Kaskin. “I just don’t think this is the place.”

One resident said she did not oppose a dog park,  just the proposed location of this one. In fact, Diane Kielar said she uses dog parks elsewhere with her pets.

“They’re lovely and they’re wonderful, but they’re definitely located in more remote locations,” Kielar said.

Town officials pointed out the dog park is a county project and out of their jurisdiction. But they agreed to pass on the citizens’ concerns about the project.

“You’re residents of the town; we want to voice your concerns,” said Chairman Bob Stoll.

Kenosha County has pledged $25,000 in non-tax dollars and is seeking a public match of $25,000 to pay for fencing and gating at the two planned fenced, off-leash dog parks.

Permanent dog parks are planned at Petrifying Springs Park, near the park entrance at Highway JR, and at the future KD Park, 35714 89th St., near Bassett Park in Randall.

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