The Sharing Center president affirms the works goes on

Carl Gustafson, president of the Board of Directors of  The Sharing Center, declined to say what led to the departure of the agency’s executive director last week, but asserted that the group’s work helping people in need back to independence will go on.

The agency announced Monday that executive director Liz Peyton had been replaced by a board member serving as interim executive director. An unspecified number of other staffers also are no longer at the agency.

Center officials contacted by West of the I have declined to elaborate on the situation and Gustafson, contacted Tuesday evening, took a similar postion.

“I won’t go into anything about what went on …” Gustafson said. “Nothing’s changed. Nothing’s going to change.”

When asked if Peyton’s parting was by mutual agreement, Gustafson said “You could leave it at that.”

Gustafson also praised the volunteers and board members — who he said in his long experience with the agency is one of the best groups he’s seen — who are continuing to serve clients during this transition.

The agency plans to hire a new executive director and other staff, Gustafson said.

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  1. Emily Stewart says:

    I’m confused. Did the staff at the Sharing Center resign as it states in the Kenosha News, or is the Paddock Lake Report correct? The Report states that Marie Huml denies that staff resigned. What is going on over there? If they resigned I want to know why. How does a board of directors manage to lose an entire staff?

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