Silver Lake discussing street light options

The Silver Lake Village Board is struggling with how to deal with an anticipated shortage in funds to pay for street lighting.

Last year, the village budget for power for street lighting came up about $4,500 short, explained Trustee Chris Willkomm. With energy costs not going down, it’s likely the same $25,000 budget will come up short again this year if the village does not take some action.

A possibility would be to turn off some street lights in the village. But that is likely a complicated and difficult decision, trustees acknowledged Wednesday.

“You’re going to have people say, we’re paying high taxes and now you want to take our lights?” said Trustee Marlene Engstrom.

Trustee Sue Gerber, who lives on the south side of town, added “I don’t want any lights cut on my end.”

Trustee Ann Augustin pointed out lights are crucial in village parks to deter vandalism and other crime.

Trustees did not come up with a solution tonight. Some possible future actions might be a trip to see which lights could possibly be eliminated and computing how many lights of which type would need to be shut off to get enough savings.


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